"Sue Stewart has helped this organisation in at least two important ways. Firstly, she helped me to clarify goals and priorities and to work out strategies by which to attain them; in the process she helped me through an important and rather precarious time of transition. Secondly, the professionalism and thoroughness of her fundraising has not only helped me to progress, but I think has offered a resource and guide that has a wider application than the present local need. I shall certainly be guided by it in the future, and I suspect others will as well."

Rogan Wolf
Poems for the Waiting Room

Poems for the Waiting Room

Write2B was commissioned by Arts Council England, London, in 2005 and 2006 to undertake strategy development and fundraising for Poems for the Waiting Room, a scheme which provides poem posters free of charge for display in health care settings across the UK. The scheme is managed by the charity Hyphen-21 and has brought out three collections, including a Diversity collection consisting of 45 poems written in 30 different languages, each with its English translation alongside. Since it began it 1998, Poems for the Waiting Room has distributed approximately 3,000 packs of up to 100 poems each to hospitals, health centres and other settings, such as mental health centre and homes for people with learning difficulties.

The scheme had previously been funded on a variety of short-term grants from the arts, health and other sectors, including Arts Council England, the Department of Health, the Kingís Fund and the Foreign Office. However, despite much success and the support of some high profile advocates including the Poet Laureate, Andrew Motion, the scheme lacked core costs and for seven years had been administered on a project by project basis with one key worker, Director Rogan Wolf, on a part-time basis, occasional consultancy support and the support of 10 occasional volunteers.

The resulting three-year strategy for the scheme focused on building the infrastructure and presenting a case for funding bodies through:

Write2B also explored various fundraising options for the scheme, from both the arts and health sectors, and in 2006 prepared a three-year funding application on behalf of Poems for the Waiting Room to Arts Council England. The application was successful, awarding Poems for the Waiting Room £70,000, with the aim of gradually replacing Arts Council funding with commercial sponsorship, as suggested by the strategy.

In 2006 Write2B raised £16,000 commercial sponsorship for the scheme from the John Lewis Partnership.